The Classic Cane

Price: $73.00

Includes Shipping | Standard Size: 36"

View of Cane

Optional Handles

Brass Handle

Brass Handle - Add $25

View Example

Shell Handle

Shell Handle - Add $25

View Example

White Handle

Ivory Handle - Add $25

View Example

Xtra tall available up to 45"
for an additional $10.00.

New Plum
Black & Brown
Black & Brown
  Rusty Brown
  Hot Pink
  Hot Pink

:: The Classic Cane can be custom cut to your specific size for no extra charge.

:: All walking canes come standard with an orthopedic handle made from the same color wood as the cane.

:: If you would like to customize your cane with an optional handle, please specify the handle type during your order.

:: Shipping will be provided by UPS Ground Service or US Postal Service.

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